Make it special to reuse it 

Reusing your paper bag is a statement for a sustainable lifestyle that is both fashionable and mindful.

Let's celebrate together the fourth European Paper Bag Day on 18th October!


How to take part?

  1. It‘s time to get creative!
    Whether you are using your paper bag as a gift or grocery bag, for smart decor or shopping, we would love to see your most creative reuse.
  2. Post it on Instagram and Facebook and add #EuropeanPaperBagDay

Be sure to use the hashtag, #EuropeanPaperBagDay and be a part of this fun and resourceful eco-revolution.

Together, We can be the change.

We are looking for all the innovative and ingenious, creative and crafty, bold and brilliant ways you are all reusing your paper bags. What‘s more, we‘d love to display them here as a source of inspiration and motivation for others!

Reusability = Responsibility

The endurance test


Paper bags are stronger and more resilient than you think – with tests showing a standard paper bag can carry up to 11 kg and be reused several times over. With people looking for more sustainable shopping choices, how many times and ways will you use yours?

Sustainable packaging


When the lifecycle of a paper bag comes to an end, it's good to know that it is 100% recyclable.
A sustainable alternative to plastic, using a paper bag contributes to the positive environmental change in lowering the carbon emissions produced at landfill sites.

Better for the environment


What if a paper bag doesn’t end up in the recycle chain? It’s 100% biodegradable, taking 2-5 months to break down naturally. In being compostable, there’s no harm to the environment.

Reuse in action

The practical paper bag can be a part of our lifestyle in more ways than one. From functional benefits to a creative application, reusability is a core part of sustainable packaging.

Ready to get crafty? Here are some insights and inspiration on how to reuse your paper bag.

Paper bags with purpose

It’s Mondi’s mission to merge sustainable packaging solutions with sustainability in practice. Committed to the environment and reducing plastic waste, we know that paper bags and their reusability are part of the cycle of purchasing with purpose.

It is our responsibility to inspire change and play an active part in it for the contribution to a better world.

Want to learn more?

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All facts and messages are related to the CEPI Eurokraft Whitepaper 2020 “How to enhance your brand value and do good for the environment”.